System Features

Here are the core features of the BORIS system:


Operating features:

–  Mobile app with host portal
–  Available for Android & iOS, suitable for use on smartphone & tablet
–  Supports both online & offline working
–  Real time data & reporting


Data entry options:

–  Text – manual entry, pre-populated, speech capture
–  Drop down menus
–  Check boxes & multiple choice
–  Signature capture
–  Photo capture
–  Date & time stamping
–  GPS location
–  NFC / barcode / QR code scanning
–  Optional or mandatory requirements

Inclusive Modules

These features are available as standard with any BORIS system:

Cloud storage

Centralised documents for all users


Business wide communications

Tasks & follow ups

Business process management

User profiles

Customise access permissions


Create your own digital forms

Custom outputs

Export to Word, Excel or PDF


Visualise core KPIs

Job planner

Calendar view of your jobs


Match people to jobs


Digitally record working hours

Live drawing

Digitally mark up drawings

Purchase orders

Materials & plant requisition

Stock control

Order & manage stock

Pricing engine

Instant & accurate job costings


Manage your teams expenses