Workforce Management Software

Use BORIS for your workforce management to record, report and review the costs, performance and productivity of your business and your teams.


Workforce management solution

Expedite new employee induction and replace paperwork with digital forms held within the BORIS app, including signature capture for the individual and their line manager on completion.

Centralised document storage enables training records to be uploaded to BORIS; managers can identify employees with the required qualifications to carry out the works, whilst field service teams have their certificates to hand if they need to provide evidence when on site.

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Support staff safety

GPS is one of the many data capture features of BORIS used to support mobile workforce and field service management. Use GPS tracking to monitor the safety of lone workers to identify their location should you lose communication.

If errors are noted on site managers can use BORIS mobile forms to deliver and record the relevant toolbox talk to reinforce the procedures operatives should follow to ensure safe working practices.


Improve productivity & communication

News bulletins and notifications, for example SHE alerts, can be distributed via the BORIS app to instantly communicate important updates to your entire workforce.

Optimise productivity using the BORIS scheduler for your workforce planning; allocate the required people and resources to complete the job and deploy the works via the app. Field service teams record their works in the app, instantly uploaded to the host portal available to review workforce productivity and progress towards job completion as required.

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Simplify day-to-day administration

From clock card and timesheet management to holiday requests, using BORIS for your workforce management enables you to assess employee availability against project workload to review your costs and avoid under or over-resourcing.

There’s no need for separate expense claim form software, remote workers can instantly submit expense claims via the BORIS app, providing a real time view of expenditure and no more lost receipts, saving admin time spent by both operatives and your finance teams.

Workforce & field service management software features


  • Bespoke form templates
  • Centralised document storage
  • Bulletins & notifications
  • Real time data entry
  • Date & GPS log
  • Photo capture
  • Signature capture


  • Timesheets & expenses
  • Holiday management
  • Training management
  • H&S management
  • Resource planning
  • Performance & productivity


  • Field data collection
  • Instant communication
  • Rapid onboarding of new employees
  • Lone worker support
  • Safe working practices
  • Budget control


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