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With 2022 coming to an end, how did you do? To look ahead at where we want to go, we must first look at where we are. Do you know what your strengths and weaknesses have been this year?

You might be the best in your field but if inefficiency and poor customer service let you down, your customers might look elsewhere. Software might be the key to help you improve in 2023, here are some suggestions to consider:


Go Digital

Using job management software on construction site
Construction worker using job management software to manage daily workload


Adopting software and digital processes helps reduce the time needed for administrative tasks so you can focus on the jobs that matter most to your customers. Identify the supporting tasks that take your attention away from doing business critical jobs.

For example, the right job management system can help reduce the time spent writing up reports after the work is done. Using software to manage your operations enables your teams to update the data as they go for you to simply export into a prepared report and send directly to your client.

Digital systems expedite your internal processes as the information is already at hand, transferred instantaneously and stored digitally to access when needed; removing the wait time for teams to return to the office at the end of each day/week/job.

However, try to avoid using a different system for each task. Look for a solution that satisfies several functions to keep your information in one place, and integration for others if necessary. For example, many field service/job management systems will also offer features that support your workforce management, from timesheets & expenses to holiday management and HR documentation.

As you become more efficient throughout your business, your customers will feel those benefits too.


Be Compliant

When it comes to compliance management, data and process are the driving factors. Ensure you are following the steps and actions required to be compliant and minimise risk. When choosing a software look for a solution that you can tailor to your business, for a new system to be successfully adopted, it should reflect your processes as much as possible.

Transferring to digital means you not only have access to real time data in your system, but equally you are building the audit trail of your businesses operations over time. Therefore when it comes to renewing your accreditations or certifications, you already have the evidence you need.

Third party certification can help give your customers peace of mind regarding the quality and safety of the products and services you supply. It might even be the determining factor of why they chose you in the first place.

Using software to manage your compliance ensures centralised processes and documentation for employees across your business to carry out their tasks efficiently, effectively and in safety.

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Aim to Impress

Appearance can count for a lot – from physical appearance (such as wearing uniforms) to the level of information you provide and the quality of your documentation. As with many things in life, consistency is key – all interactions and communications with both prospective and existing clients should reflect your business. And consistency across all formats will enhance your brand and help you stick in the mind of your customer.

Your software should support this – even down to adding your own branding to the system and the output it produces. For example, in the search for job management software, look for one that can handle the entire process – from quote production and scheduling jobs, through to the final report; all tailored with the information you need your client to know, and with a look and feel that represents your business.

Don’t take for granted what a professional looking document and speedy customer service can do for your reputation, this can be what makes you stand out from your competitors.


Be Proactive

With digital systems you have current progress, as well as past information, to hand. Possible features to consider in your search might be looking for a system that offers notifications and reminders. For example, if you are involved with a product or industry that requires regular review or inspection you can schedule prompts for when the next job is due.

Take a proactive approach and pre-empt your customers to make a booking with you before they look at any alternative suppliers. This can also help you to anticipate your workload to ensure sufficient resourcing.

Another feature you might look for is a system that can allow you to give restricted access to your customers so that you can empower them to request quotes, book appointments, commission works and see the progress updates for themselves.



Contractors using job management software on construction site
Using software to enhance contractor collaboration


Similar to providing client access, systems are available that enhance collaboration both within your own business and with third parties.

Considering relationships such as main contractor and sub-contractor for example, when both parties have access to the same system visibility is increased. There is less dependency on manual communication methods, less time wasted in lost or delayed documentation, and less frustration waiting for a reply.

From client access to joint operations, user profiles & access rights can be implemented to facilitate communication and information sharing to account for the relevant data protection and access rights.

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Want to keep going?

This article outlines a number of factors to consider when turning to software to improve your business efficiency, compliance and transparency. The next step is to think about how to grow your business, why not join our live seminar in January 2023 where we’ll be discussing how to use software to scale up your business. Contact to register your interest.

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