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Interview with National Highways representative
BORIS Sales Manager James Squires with John Atherton, Contract Manager, National Highways


John Atherton, Contract Manager

“I manage the Vehicle Recovery contract, and the BORIS contract. I ensure that contracts are performing as they should, manage any queries and work closely with our operational colleagues to ensure they are getting the service they should be.”


How do National Highways use BORIS?

In my day-to-day work I only use the BORIS portal, but I have been aware of BORIS since it was introduced to National Highways. We have over 1,000 users and they are primarily road staff.

For our Vehicle Recovery contract we have a feedback form on BORIS which has been there since the early days and allows Traffic Officers to provide feedback on the performance of that contract, which helps me inform discussions with that supplier.

We also have a number of bespoke forms that allows on-road staff to provide various feedback and information on other contracts, for example recovery data such as photos of damage and customer details that is sent to our Claims teams so they can pursue costs, and various other forms such as reports of flooding or asset damage.


National Highways Traffic Officer using BORIS app
National Highways Traffic Officer completing an Incident Information Form


What are the most important features of BORIS?

The ability for users to send almost immediate feedback and information to different parts of our business that need it. This saves the time of filling paper forms, multiple emails or phone calls.

The implementation of BORIS was before my time but I believe we needed a solution for Traffic Officers to send immediate feedback whilst on the road and as easily as possible.


What does it mean to others that you use BORIS – do they benefit?

Yes, absolutely. Our Claims teams use it to claim back monies, and we can use the data to improve safety and get feedback on how contracts are performing.


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