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Using the BORIS app to complete a fire door survey

Using the BORIS app to complete a BM Trada fire door survey

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What’s your experience using BORIS?

It makes it easier, 10 times easier, it’s a game saver for us, in time, energy and resources. We’ve got a lot in drop down boxes so that’s how we made it easier, we use the boxes to drop the information in.

Does using BORIS impact how you work with others?

Yeah, it does, because it’s starting to give us a more in-depth plan of how we can prioritise what needs to be fixed, it’s a lot quicker.

What’s the most noticeable benefit?

It we were writing up the finished article, by the time you have downloaded the photographs from your phone, put it into there, put it into there, tidied it up and tweaked it, it would take about a week. At the end of the day, we’ve gone from 5 days to one day, or half a day. To do a risk assessment? To do a risk assessment.


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